BMP2FNT - PalmOS development utility

This utility was created because I needed big (and nice) font for FotoTimer application. As PalmOS resource compiler I use PilRC which is able to create fonts as well. But there was some problem so I solved it by creating this utility. Basic information I found on page for FontEditor. Other information was based on talks with other (unfortunately czech-speaking) PalmOS programmers: PalmOScs Yahoo groups. Other reason for creating this utility was my laziness to "draw" font in text editor. So I used one of graphic editors to create BMP file with chars I needed and using this utility I converted them into font resource.

All necessary files you can download here (source code included).

This utility is driven by configuration file which has similar syntax as PilRC (I suggest to see examples caming with PilRC). Other example is in above mentioned download archive.

Utility reads definition file, analyzes BMP file (1BPP only) and writes resource or PilRC file. PilRC file can be used with PilRC utility.

Modified: 27.5.2008