CP/M 2.2 for eZ80

I started using eZ80 Acclaim processors and searched internet for some information on my old Sharp MZ-800 computer. I found links for CP/M on this old machine ans started to look for other information on CP/M.
One of links was CP/M port for eZ80 processor which uses SD/MMC card as CP/M disk with CP/M's own structure. I wanted to use FAT16/32 disk structure under CP/M so I started developing CP/M simulator for PC (download here) and on real device running CP/M with in-C-rewritten CP/M core (download here).
Z80 simulator used in PC application is from ArmPalmSpec ZX spectrum simulator for PalmOS devices.
I used many documents regarding CP/M downloaded from various CP/M web pages. Unfortunately many links don't work anymore.
Sources and applications come with no warranty.
You can download some CP/M applications collected from internet to use with simulator or eZ80 CP/M port...

Modified: 27.5.2008