MSP430SBC Single board computer with MSP430F149 and Basic language

To teach children programming I was looking for simple basic interpreter. Because I use MSP430 MCUs for my work I was looking primarily for MSP430 source. Finally I have found Butterfly basic written in assembly.

At first I modified assembly source to be compilable using mspgcc (donwload it here). I wanted to modify this basic a lot so I rewrote it in C. I added support for direct register access, prepared monitor for assembly programming and other features.

Final result can be downloaded here. ZIP file contains firmware source and HEX. Schema is part of user's guide (in czech language only).

For faster debug, MSP430 simulator was developed with partial VT-100 terminal support on UART0. Continue on this page...

MSP430SBC's hardware consists of MSP430F149 MCU, LCD 64x128 pixels, PS/2 socket for keyboard, 31 I/Os on 40-pin connector for free use, power source.

Modified: 3.4.2013