MSP430 Simulator for command line

This project was part of MSP430SBC to get faster debugging than on real hardware.

Simulator uses UART0 RX and TX registers to interact with user. It has partly VT-100 support (only those features which I needed :-).

Simulator control:
EscSend ^C to UART0
^XExit simulator
^BBreak and show processor state
Enter/SpaceSingle step
CCall subroutine and break after return
GContinue program running
B<4-digit hex>Set breakpoint
Processor state:

000A [_____I_Z_] 00FF 5A08 06D0 0000 0050 0000 06D0 0000 0050 0838 0050 0000
09D6>1406 06D4 163E 000A 14EE 0000 06D0 0000 16DE 0000 5A08 0000 0000 0000 0000
13C2:   MOV.B   &0x0002,R15             ;13C2: 425F 0002
First line contains status register value and bit names followed by R4 to R15 values.
Second line contains stack pointer value and top of stack contents.
Last line shows instruction to be executed in next step.

Supported MCU features:

Interrupts are not supported.

Command line options:
-fSet simulated frequency; default is 4MHz
-sSwitch to single stepping immediately after HEX loading
file.HEXIntel hex file loaded as Flash memory contents

Modified: 3.4.2013